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#RubberDucky Challenge

Participate in our newest Sponsored Photo Contest and let your RUBBER DUCKY be the star.  Take your rubber duck along with you everywhere (even to the craziest places you can imagine) and send us your best photos!  

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Let your imagination run free and we will reward your creativity and sense of humor.  Send us your most original photo and win many prizes including a grand prize of 100€!


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What are we looking for?

 We are looking for the most creative, fun and surprising photos.  Take your rubber ducky (or duckies) with you to most ordinary or the most special places you can imagine, prepare your shot, or simply snap a picture spontaneously.  The possibilities are endless, so be creative and win with your most original photo.


What should you avoid?

Rubber ducks are more than just a bath toy or are not just for children.  Try to avoid these stereotypes because it is undeniable that rubber ducks have become a collector's item and are loved by all kinds of people.  Avoid poor quality, blurry or out-of-focus photos with confusing backgrounds, etc.


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